Decontamination Work

When it comes to decontamination, you can trust our specialists, whether you are an individual or you act on behalf of an organization.

Soil decontamination of polluted by hydrocarbons

Construction J.G. Lessard is in the habit of taking charge of soil decontamination projects after a heating oil or fuel oil spill is one of our specialties. Go see our achievements to see it for yourself. Our goal is to rehabilitate the land to ensure sustainable development for our customers.

You can also call on our services for decontamination of chemical and petroleum products in the soil. We are even able to install underground tanks when necessary for, for example, oil companies such as Pétro Canada, where we have done so in the past.

We treat the soil in such a way as to ensure long-term protection of the soil, so that the contamination problem does not resurface.

Mold Remediation

For mold problems you can be assured that the J.G. Lessard Construction team will take the necessary precautions to limit the formation of mold. We use a negative pressure process to avoid cross contamination. So if there is mold in damp places in your house, like in the basement, you can be sure that the air in the rest of the house will not be contaminated. Avoid health problems and call on our team.

Asbestos remediation

We also specialize in removing asbestos from anywhere in your building. Don't let asbestos slow you down in your renovation or reconstruction projects. Construction J.G. Lessard is there to help you remedy the situation and use quality materials for the future.

We are able to manage your most complex projects, whatever your space and time constraints. Our decontamination team has the experience, expertise and certifications required as POST to take charge of decontamination work in Greater Montreal.

You can entrust us with the resolution of the following situations:

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