Window and door spandrel replacement work in Montreal

When a building's window and door watertable sills are damaged or cracked, it is essential to replace them. Why? Since these serve to protect the building from water infiltration behind the coating of the building. Therefore, if the spandrels are in poor condition for a long period of time, brick repointing may be necessary. If more water seeps in, mold can form behind the brick and damage the wood structure, causing larger problems that may require decontamination work.

Window sills are pieces of concrete or natural stone masonry. At Construction JG Lessard, we replace the spandrels and structural lintels while making sure to respect the unity of your building. For the replacement of spandrels or decorative lintels on a heritage building, we are experienced in carrying out this type of work while preserving the character of your building.

Call on the services of JG Lessard, masonry contractor in Montreal, using the quote request form for the simple and quick replacement of spandrels and lintels. We respond within 48 hours.

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