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This Confidentiality and Cookie Usage Policy defines and informs you of the manner in which Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. uses and protects the information that you may transmit when you use this website, which is accessible from the following address: (hereinafter the "Website"). 

Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. may modify this document from time to time, in particular in order to comply with any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or technological developments. These changes are binding upon you as soon as they are posted online. Please consult this Privacy and Cookie Usage Policy regularly to ensure that these changes are appropriate for you. 

  1. SCOPE 


This policy applies only to the use of the Website.  




Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. may, in certain cases, collect or request certain information about you (first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) (hereinafter referred to as your "Personal Data"). By providing this information, you expressly agree to its processing by Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. for the purposes mentioned below.  


Thus, in accordance with the relevant regulations, Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. informs you of the following points:  


  1. Identity of the person in charge of Personal Data processing 


The person in charge of Personal Data processing is Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc, having its head office at : 11570 av. Philippe-Panneton, Montréal, province de Québec, H1E 4G4, e-mail: 


  1. Purposes of collecting Personal Data 


Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. may process your Personal Data for the following purposes : 


  • Provide you with the information of services you request (including : responding to request for quotes, newsletters, etc.);  

  • Provide, perform, maintain, approve and promote our services;  

  • Collect information that will allow us to improve our Website, products and services (including throught surveys);  

  • Contact you about various events or news related to Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. that may be of interest to you.  


  1. Recipients 


Only Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. and its employees are recipients of your Personal Data. It will not be transmitted to a third party. Neither Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. nor any of its employees will commercialize your Personal Data. 


All employees must also be aware of Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc.'s confidentiality policies and agree to abide by the contents of these policies.  


Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. informs you that it uses a third party to process and store the Personal Data you provide to us. This third party is located in Canada. Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. has previously ensured that this third party has implemented adequate safeguards and complies with the regulations in force with respect to confidentiality and data protection.  


Finally, when agreements are entered into with service providers or agents who may have access to your Personal Data, we require that our service agreements with them contain provisions for the protection and confidentiality of personal information comparable to our data protection requirements.  


  1. Security 


Although there is no such thing as zero risk in information technology, Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. has taken the necessary measures to ensure the security of your Personal Data:  


  • The Website, extensions, scripts and other programming codes enabling the various functionalities of the Site are regularly updated to correct any possible security breach; 

  • Access to the administration of the Website and related services is secured by a password; 

  • Access to the interfaces for managing your Personal Data is through a secure web browser that is regularly updated and through devices equipped with security devices (automatic locking, anti-virus software and applications, passwords, etc.); 

  • This Website uses an SSL security certificate that ensures that your data is encrypted when it is sent from your device to the computer server; 

  • Tools are installed on the Website to continuously scan, detect and eradicate potential malicious threats. These threats include malicious code (malware), malicious URLs and hacking attempts. 


  1. Retention Period 


Your Personal Data is retained by Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. only for the period of time corresponding to the purposes for which it was collected, as indicated in point "II" above, unless a longer retention period is required or authorized by law. If we no longer have a legitimate interest in continuing to process your Personal Data, we will delete or anonymize it, or if it is not possible to do so (because, for example, your Personal Data has been stored in a backup archive), then we will store your Personal Data securely and ensure that it ceases to be processed until such time as it can be deleted. 


  1. Rights regarding your Personal Data 


You have the following rights regarding your Personal Data, which you can exercise by writing to us at the postal address mentioned in point "I" above: 


  1. Right of access and disclosure of data: You have the right to access your Personal Data. However, due to the obligation of security and confidentiality in the processing of personal data that is incumbent upon Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. you are informed that your request will be processed provided that you can produce proof of your identity.  


  1. Right to rectify data and right to be forgotten: You may request the rectification, updating, blocking or deletion of data concerning you that may be inaccurate, erroneous, incomplete or obsolete.  


  1. Right to object to automated processing and profiling.  


  1. Delay 


Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. undertakes to respond to your request for access, rectification or opposition or any other request for additional information within a reasonable timeframe that will not exceed one (1) month from the receipt of your request.  


  1. Merger or liquidation 


In the event that Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. merges or transfers its assets to another organization (liquidation), Personal Data may be transferred to a third party as part of this operation, which will be bound by the same obligations towards you and your Personal Data.  


  1. Third parties 


Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. is not responsible for the data you provide that is collected by third parties (such as Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) when you access our Site through these providers, and has no control over the location of the data collected by them.  


  1. International data transfer 


We may transfer the information we collect about you to countries other than Canada where we originally collected it, for data storage and processing purposes and to operate our services. These countries may not have the same data protection regulations as Canada. However, where such transfers occur, we will protect your Personal Data and take steps, if necessary, to ensure that international transfers are conducted in accordance with applicable regulations. 


  1. Security incidents 


In the event of security incidents involving your Personal Data, Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. undertakes to report the incident to the competent control authority in accordance with the regulations in force and within the required timeframe. Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. also undertakes to promptly notify you by e-mail. “Security incidents" refer to the actual unauthorized access or use of your Personal Data by an unaffiliated third party or the loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure or manipulation of your Personal Data.  


  1. Complaint  


If you consider that Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. does not respect its obligations with respect to your Personal Data, you may file a complaint or request with the competent authority. Any litigation, dispute or complaint regarding the processing of Personal Data by Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. must be brought before the competent authorities of the province of Quebec or of Canada, sitting in the judicial district of Montreal, to the exclusion of any other forum or jurisdiction. 


  1. Anti-spam 


We comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Act in our commercial electronic communications. When we collect your email, phone number, cell phone number or address, we use this information in a manner that complies with the Canadian Anti-Spam Act. Thus, we may only send you electronic messages if we have your express consent or if we are permitted to do so by law. You may withdraw your consent at any time to no longer receive commercial e-mail messages. However, there are exceptions to Canada's Anti-Spam Act that allow us to send you e-mail messages. 


  1. Minors 


The services offered by Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. and the use of the Website are not intended for persons under the age of 14. We do not knowingly collect Personal Data from people under the age of 14. If you are a parent or guardian and the person under the age of 14 for whom you have parental responsibility has provided us with Personal Data, please contact us immediately so that we can take steps to delete such data. Where we become aware that a person under the age of 14 has provided us with Personal Data without the consent of their parent or guardian, we will delete the Personal Data collected.  


Where the laws of your country of origin require the consent of the person with parental authority for the processing of your Personal Data, Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. may require such consent prior to any collection of Personal Data.  




Our Cookie Usage Policy allows you to better understand the provisions we implement for browsing our Website. 


  1. General information about cookies on the Website 


During each connection to the Site, we use Cookies (as hereinafter defined) to store or retrieve information from your browser. A cookie is a small piece of information (a text file) that a website, when you use it, asks your browser to store on your device to remember information about you, such as your language preferences, the computer device you are using, your IP address, your country of origin, your browser type or operating system, the date and time you access the site, and the pages you visit (hereinafter referred to as “Cookie”). The types of Cookies used generally fall into four categories: 


  1. Strictly necessary Cookies: They are useful for the Website to function normally and cannot be disabled. 


  1. Performance Cookies: These are used to track visits and traffic patterns on our Website. If these are disabled, we will not know when you visited our Website. These cookies are anonymous.  


  1. Functionality Cookies: If disabled, these Cookies will cause our functionality to be less than optimal or even to fail. 


  1. Targeting cookies: These are used to aggregate information about your activities on our Site and other sites in order to build a profile of your interests. By turning them off, you opt out of our targeted advertising on other websites. 


Once created, Cookies generally do not contain any Personal Data, other than the URL of the website that created the Cookie, the duration of the Cookie's capabilities and effects, and a random, encrypted, unique code. The Website's computer server can only read the Cookies it has placed on your device; it does not have access to any other information on your computer or mobile device. Thus, Cookies cannot analyze your device and search it to discover your Personal Data. Because of the limited information contained in a Cookie, it generally cannot be used to reveal your identity or personally identifiable information. 


In summary, Cookies are used to facilitate navigation of the Website pages, to measure our performance, and to compile statistical data. 


  1. Blocking Cookies 


You may, at any time, set your browser to block cookies. However, you should be aware that this action may deprive you of certain functions offered on the Website or prevent it from functioning properly. Where applicable, Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc. declines all responsibility for any consequences related to the deterioration of your browsing conditions that may result from your choice to refuse, delete or block the Cookies necessary for the operation of the Website. These consequences shall not constitute damage and you shall not be entitled to any compensation as a result. 


No Cookies (except for strictly necessary Cookies) are stored on your device until you have taken an action to accept this Privacy and Cookie Usage Policy. You can also set your browser to block these Cookies or to warn you about them.  


  1. Setting your Cookies preferences 


When you first visit the Construction J.-G. Lessard & Fils Inc.’s Website from a new device or Web browser, a Cookie banner is displayed on your screen. This banner is located on the home page of the Website and informs you of the present Confidentiality and Cookie Usage Policy. You can then click on "I refuse" or "I accept".