Among our offered decontamination services, we can perform pyrite removal.

Pyrite is a mineral that was commonly used in crushed stone mixes for the concrete slab backfill of garages and basements. However, pyrite, in the presence of moisture and oxygen, triggers a chemical reaction that causes it to expand.

The swelling of the pyritic fill puts pressure on the concrete slab, creating cracks and lifting it. If the problem worsens, the pyrite can even exert pressure on your foundation walls, causing cracks in them.

If you have cracks in your concrete slab, pyrite may be the cause. To determine if you have pyrite problems, the cracks will be in a cross shape, with white powder inside.

JG Lessard can proceed with pyrite decontamination for you by removing the contaminated fill and replacing it with better backfill stone: one without pyrite, of course! We can also repair cracks, and if the problem is more severe, we can pour a new slab.

If you have any questions about our pyrite removal service, contact us now! You can also fill out a quote request, it's simple and fast!

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