Your exterior brick wall is looking a bit old? Before spending ludicrous amounts of money to have it replaced, consider a professional brick cleaning service!  To help you save costs, we're able to offer you a deep cleaning professional service with real results!

This option is perfect for when your brick has been painted in the past and you want to restore your walls by way of brick paint removal, as well as to clean the dirt that has been accumulating throughout the years.

Thanks to our ultra efficient cleaning method, we can transform your exterior walls by doing a deep clean. This method is usually a lot less pricy, since you're using the brick that you already have, while enjoying a new look.

Among our various profesionnal masonry services, it's also possible to clean your stone exterior wall. Various techniques are available, such as grinder cleaning or sander cleaning. These will allow to reach an optimal result without damaging your front. These methods can clean dirt stains and other impurities that have accumulated throughout the years.

We can also clean your natural stone floors, to give it its original shine back. Indeed, being porous, these stones can get dirty quickly and lose their charm. Our experts have the expertise and experience required to deep clean all kinds of natural stone floors: Burgundy stone, blue stone, granite, marble, slate and many more!

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