Brickwork masonry work in Montreal


For the installation of bricks and facing stones for your residential or commercial projects, you can call on the services of Construction JG Lessard's experts.

Our masonry service performs the maintenance of your brick and stone walls. It is important not to always wait until the exterior brick wall is in need to be redone, since bricks can fall due to the freezing and thawing that occur during winter. The safe choice is therefore to make some partial repairs as soon as signs of fragility appear.

If the partial repair of the wall is not sufficient, our team of professional bricklayers will also do the complete repair of the brick wall and facing stones. For example, when a beef belly (bowing) appears on your wall, we then proceed to demolish the entire wall and put the new facing brick or stone back.

Finally, as a general construction contractor, we also have a capable team of bricklayers ready to tackle any task. When it comes to new construction, you can use our services to install your new siding, whether for a commercial building or a residential building.

Laying facing bricks for residential and commercial constructions

For the renovation of a heritage building, a duplex or a single-family house, we offer quality service, meeting the needs of the residential construction sector. We also install new bricks and stones during the repair of facades of commercial buildings.

We offer all types of materials such as red brick, hollow brick, refractory brick, natural stone and facing stones, etc.

Laying brick or stone will prove to be a wise choice. It will increase the value of your residential building. Brick and facing stones are also easy to maintain. We also offer our services for repointing stone and brick walls.


Call on our team of certified bricklayers and masons. We work in accordance with new industry standards in terms of quality and safety. We guarantee a lasting result and a great respect for deadlines.

Contact us via the quote request form to receive a cost estimate. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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