Repairing a Bowing Brick Wall

Do you notice a dent or swelling on the masonry wall of your facade? Does the brick on your facade seem to be peeling? Your apartment building is probably suffering from a bulging brick problem. 

This is a masonry problem that needs to be fixed quickly. If you do not treat them, the bulging brick or bowing brick can cause the wall to collapse. It is therefore advisable to call in professional bricklayers as soon as the bulging brick appears on the wall.

The causes of bulging brick are often linked to water infiltration between the structure of the building and the brick or stone facing, or due to deterioration of the mortar and joints. Then, with the change of season, the infiltrations of water swell with the gel. It is then necessary to repair the whole wall in certain cases.

To remedy the situation, we must first demolish the brick or stone wall. Finally, we proceed to the laying of the new chosen brick or stone. However, when the quantity is small and the brick or stone is still in good condition, we can clean it and reinstall it afterwards.

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