Are you having waterproofing problems on the exterior facades of your house or business? It is then essential to repair them. Do you simply want to modernize the facade of your house or business? JG Lessard specializes in the renovation of building facades and exterior cladding


House exterior facades renovation

Leakage problems can quickly cause serious damage, especially in winter. Indeed, complications can occur, such as falling bricks or the formation of a bowed wall, which, in the long term, can cause the fall of a complete wall. Do not wait to repair the facades of your home, or to replace the exterior wall coverings.

Each year, we take care of the management of facade renovation projects in Montreal, whether single-family homes, duplexes, condos, garages or heritage buildings. As a masonry contractor, you can call on our services for the exterior facade renovations and the exterior cladding installation. We take care of all stages of the renovation project, from the requirements to the finished rendering. We guarantee quality, aesthetic work that meets your needs, while respecting deadlines. You can trust our team of masons, made up of experts for waterproofing facades.


Commercial storefront repair service in Montreal

Do you own a commercial building and want to renovate the exterior? If you are located in Montreal or its surroundings, you can call on our services for storefront repairs. As a general contractor, we take care of all the work, for a turnkey project to repair commercial facades.

The renovation of a commercial storefront is a wise investment. Your renovation work will add value to your business and will without a doubt increase its attractiveness. An appealing, new and aesthetic facade will undoubtedly attract more visitors, who will no longer hesitate to set foot in your store.

Our team is able to carry out all types of work. Our professional masons have the necessary skills and know-how to offer you a personalized service and a final result that meets your requirements. Whether you want to modernize the exterior cladding of your business, change the doors and windows, or renovate the balcony and staircase, our qualified team will meet your needs and your budget. We guarantee a lasting result all while respecting the highest standards of quality and safety in the construction industry.

Contact our team for any questions. Our team will be happy to answer you. Request a quote online, if you wish to entrust your residential or commercial facade repair project to JG Lessard, construction contractor in Montreal and its region.

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