Restoration of brick wall joints

Repointing brick or stone joints is very important when cracks form in a masonry wall. Failure to repair them can have a big impact on the waterproofing of the building. This can cause water to seep into the back of the wall, trigger the brick to unravel, or even the formation of a bowed brick walls. This can eventually lead to the complete collapse of the brick or stone wall. These consequences will require much more expensive restorations. The crumbling of the joints is due to the cycles of freezing that we encounter during the winter.

Repointing of stone and brick walls by our masons

It is important to hire a masonry contractor to repair masonry joints for several reasons. It is firstly important to verify that there is no underlying structural damage in the wall, which could have more serious consequences for the building, such as bulging bricks wall, sealing problems which would require the repair of the entire facade, etc. Then, the intervention of professional bricklayers guarantees you a repointing of the stone walls of quality and durable over time.

Our bricklayers will start by stripping the damaged joints carefully. Once the surface has been cleaned, they will choose the colors of the repointing mortar in order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the facade. They will finally be able to move on to the step of repointing the stones or bricks.

Obtain a quote via the online form to find out the estimated cost of your stone or brick wall joint restoration project in your building. You will get a response within 48 hours.

Our team of experienced masons have the skills and know-how to perform this type of masonry work. We guarantee a lasting result, respecting the highest standards of quality and safety in the field of masonry.

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